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Same Day Edit

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Evan + Cynthia [Same Day Edit]

We had a great first impression of Evan and Cynthia. Back in our first meeting, we had a fun chat with them and remembered them as approachable and warm people.

As their solemnization took place in February, Evan and Cynthia requested to combine the footages shot by their friend into the Same Day Edit. Before agreeing on the job, we considered a few factors. With the leap in quality, we had to make home video style obvious during the opening and also cleaned up their audio so their vows can be heard loud and clear during the night banquet. It turned out pretty well we thought! :P

We appreciate their efforts in tying everything together so smoothly. Even for the gatecrashing games, we could see their creative touches even on the slightest details. It was definitely well worth the efforts as it will turn out better in the photos and video for sure.

A tiring day but a fruitful one nonetheless. We had great fun spending the day with the both of you. We are totally ecstatic seeing your happy faces after watching the Same Day Edit. Getting to know you guys made our job all the more awesome! :D

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