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Shawn + Sabrina [Same Day Edit]

We met up with Shawn and Sabrina several times prior to their wedding day. We talked about anything under the sun, not just topics relating to wedding. Like us, they value alot about building a friendship and knowing more about one another. Friends first, vendors second. They are a special couple indeed. :)

It was a very relaxing morning. They chose to forgo gatecrashing, in favor of exchanging gifts and letters to each other. A sweeter and definately more intimate approach in our opinion. At the church ceremony, we love how they hold their hands so tight together, embracing the words of the priest. Little moments like this add up to the preciousness to the video. For us, we strive towards capturing meaningful shots in the most natural manner.

Shawn and Sabrina, you both are the most gentle and kind people we have met. We are so happy to know you both as friends now. Let's catch up for prata session soon! :D

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