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Same Day Edit

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Ray + Kiki [Same Day Edit]

Ray and Kiki came to us after watching our video at one of their friend's wedding. They are a really cute couple and we love the great chemistry between them. We could tell just how much they enjoy each other's company. We found Ray to have a close resemblance to a Hong Kong celebrity, Ekin Cheng. While Kiki has a twin sister who looks exactly like her! It got us confused for a bit when seeing them together for the first time. :P

The gatecrash was a warzone as the bridesmaids pit their wits against Ray and his SWAT team. It became a water fest with heavy rain pouring outside and a series of tough negotiations as well. We were all dragged into the battlefield and got shot a few times too! You could tell how crazy the gatecrashing was from the Same Day Edit but we definately had as much fun as everybody!

Ray and Kiki, we will remember you guys vividly in a looong time to come. Hope this video can remind how madly in love you both are! :D

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