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Benjamin + Vermilion [Same Day Edit]

This is an exceptional wedding. A 民族风 wedding. Definitely one wedding we will remember for a long long time.

Benjamin and Vermilion decided on a 民族风 theme as Benjamin is based in China for work and was largely influenced by their culture. All their groomsmen and bridesmaids were specifically dressed in different colors and styles representing different tribes, and looking absolutely fabulous collectively. They even had 2 of the groomsmen dressed up in lion dance outfits!

Their gatecrashing was really really havoc but yet spontaneous! The bridesmaids prepared traditional food that we do not usually see in Singapore. All their games were very innovative as well, which were very suited to the overall theme of the wedding. We had a real good laugh on the morning. :P

A job well done to both Benjamin and Vermilion for planning such a unique and one of a kind wedding!

Benjamin and Vermilion were really kind to us on the day, making us felt like a part of their entourage. This wedding is indeed "One in a Vermilion"! :D

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