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Eddie + Amy [Same Day Edit]

The wedding is FUN FUN FUN! 12 Groomsmen. 11 Bridesmaids. 7 Liondance Troops. 4 Photographers + Videographers. 1 Groom. Imagine the kind of havoc during the gatecrashing! The liveliness and positive energy are overwhelming! Though a tough task to shoot at times, we are happy to capture some wonderful moments.

Eddie and Amy knew each other back in their liondance days. This also marked the first time we incorporated liondance into our video. The colors and movements are simply fascinating! Definately an eye fest for both stills + motion. :)

Both Eddie and Amy carried themselves really well on the day. They were very kind and patient with us throughout the day, constantly making sure we were well taken care of. We appreciate their kind gestures greatly.

Eddie and Amy, you are one of the most carefree couple we have seen. It was a joy to be capturing your big day. Congratulations to you both! :D

Rekord Haus Team
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