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Aaron + Cheryl [Same Day Edit + ROM Express Edit]

If there is a wedding that we will remember for a long long time, it has to be Aaron and Cheryl's wedding. They are such a cute and loveable pair. It is so easy to communicate with them that we 'clicked' right from the first meeting. :D

Being such a whacky and comical guy, Aaron, who owns a Vespa told us that he was going to ride his cute red Vespa to fetch Cheryl in the morning - and we were totally ecstatic! We shot a scene specially for his journey to Cheryl's so that their guests can marvel at his awesomeness during the night banquet. What a fun way to kick start the day!

Cheryl, on the other hand, has a demure presence around her. She is a ballerina teacher, which explains her natural gracefulness and gentle mannerism. She looks absolutely stunning when she puts on her biggest smile, and Aaron has a real knick of getting that beautiful side out of her. :P

The best moments in a wedding are always those that are unplanned and in the slightest of details. Upon entering the room to receive his bride, Aaron turned towards the camera and uttered out "Wa, Chio Eh!". This short burst brings out laughters from everyone in the house, and of course, the guests in the ballroom. Definitely one of our most memorable moment so far.

All in all, we had a lot of fun and would like to thank Aaron and Cheryl for their heart and soul. As mentioned earlier, this is one wedding we will never, ever forget. Thanks to the both of you, that we love our job a little bit more. :)

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