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Marcus + Sherie [Same Day Edit]

We would like to share their story with you. This happened many years back, when Marcus was doing his foundation studies while Sherie was holidaying in Perth with her mum. Marcus was shopping around in a shop when he heard a familiar local accent. Having stayed in a foreign land for one and a half years, he was both curious and excited to find out who she was and right there, standing in front of him, was Sherie. She looked at him strangely and all he could do at that moment was to wink at her. She smiled back. He wanted her mobile number but her mother was there, which was slightly daunting. They left the shop and moments later, he saw them again at another shop again but could not master enough courage in time. An opportunity missed and that was how their first meeting went. :P

A couple of weeks later, Marcus went on Friendster, which used to be the hype back then. Without knowing her name, it was like looking for a needle in a haystack! Miraculously, he stumbled upon her account, left her a message and became penpals for years. They caught up every time when Marcus was in Singapore and finally, they got together in 2009 during his birthday.

We have heard different wonderful stories about fate and this is one of them. One shall not underestimate the power of serendipity. Marcus and Sherie, so glad to have know your story and we hope to visit your awesome store - Ayomo, the next time we visit Melbourne! :D

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