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Aaron + Xiao Xi [Edited Highlights]

What inspires us? The decors, the events, the locations and of course, the couple themselves. Jude arrived at Aaron's place in the morning and one of the first things Aaron said to him was, "I don't know why but i'm really happy to see you". We were really thankful for his kind appreciation and that mere sentence really served as a huge motivation for us.

Aaron is a sensitive, thoughtful man. He was very tactful to make sure everyone who's present at his wedding were all well taken care of. Including us, of course. He also wrote a heartfelt letter, detailing his happiness and thoughts. He passed the letter to Xiao Xi's mum before the actual day, so that Xiao Xi can read it before leaving for the church ceremony. That was a super sweet moment which fortunately, we caught it on camera. Xiao Xi, on the other hand, is one of the most cheery and down to earth person we have ever met. She is always laughing or smiling, and that makes everyone very comfortable around her. :)

If we had to describe their wedding, it would be 'Simple with an elegant touch'. The church ceremony was set in an intimate setting but never short of style. The cool folks from Tirtha Weddings did a fantastic job in planning the church ceremony. Under the draining weather, they prepared cold juices, ice creams and umbrellas specially for the guests. It was amazing to see everything come together flawlessly.

Aaron and Xiao Xi, hope to catch you both again someday. We wish you a blissful life ahead and looking forward to visiting you in Perth someday! :D

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