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Scott + Kat Solemnization [Edited Highlights]

Their solemnization was held at Fullerton Hotel on a bright, sunny day. Only close family and friends were invited and we love how closely knitted they all were. Some of the speeches were really heart-warming. :)

Few hours before the solemnization, we went around the area for some couple's shots. As Scott is from Korea and they wanted their video to be shown in Korea as well, we made sure to picture them in some of the iconic interests in Singapore as backdrops - so that their guests watching back in Korea can bask in some of the scenery. That of course, includes our Merlion and Marina Bay Sands. They also brought along balloons to add some colors and contrast. The video is a little different from what we usually do as it is more of a fusion between Korean and our style. The whole process was very fun as it was great to capture both Scott & Kat, who were instantly very smiley throughout their big day.

Scott and Kat, we hope your family and friends back in Korea will enjoy our works and also catch a glimpse of our beautiful, little island! :D

Rekord Haus Team


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