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Edited Highlights

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Dinny + Meilyna [Edited Highlights]

It was an awesome day of celebrations at Nosh. We love every bit of the wedding. From the beautiful decorations, the lovely speeches and of course, the wonderful couple themselves. :)

Leading up to their wedding, Dinny and Meilyna were really patient enough to run through the different traditions of an Iranian Aghd ceremony. We personally like the part where the both of them sat in front of a large spread with a bunch of symbolic items like the Quran, mirror, candelabra, eggs, apples, grapes, nuts and sweets etc. After which, the bridesmaids held a white cloth over their heads while the female guests took turns to grind Iranian Wedding Sugar Cones which signify showering in sweetness. After exchanging rings, the two lovebirds dipped their pinky fingers with honey and fed each other, symbolizing the start of their marriage with love and sweetness.

We love how everything was so different and enjoyed the whole ceremony greatly. It felt like our beginnings when everything was very foreign and new to us. Thanks so much for entrusting us the job even though we are not familiar with the traditions. As seen from the video, everyone had lots of fun on your big day! We wish you both all the best and may your marriage be as sweet as the honey! :P

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