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A Prewed Moment

Rekord Haus

Robin + Yiqi [A Prewed Moment // We made it.]

So why are they in a plane? We shall not reveal too much so you can decipher it for yourself. :P

We have received all kinds of different ideas from couples over the years. Some abstract. Some simple. Some downright hilarious. But we have never rejected any idea no matter how outrageous it can be. Ultimately, it is what our clients want after all. Instead, we choose to inject some of our ideas to make things possible, and of course to stray away from any potential cheesiness.

When we first met Robin and Yiqi, we find them to be a really unique couple. They are both very comfortable and open in each other's presence. Great partnership, something like Batman and Robin. They shared their initial ideas with us, very raw in the beginning but very ambitious as well. We gave them our inputs and they were off after an hour of discussion. Few weeks later, we were surprised that they came back to us with a much more focused and polished story plots. A few more rounds of discussion and we were on our way. :D

We spent one and a half day on their prewed shoot. It was so enjoyable and we literally had a lot of fun with them. We got to know them more on a personal level and we developed a bond between the 4 of us. Gradually, it felt more like working on a video project with friends. It was a longer and more tedious process going into post-production, as we had to make the airplane scene believable, and we paced each scene properly and added in layers of subtle sound effects. It felt like working on a short film again and we enjoyed every moment of it with Robin & Yiqi.

The end result of our hard work was this video, & it finally paid off. We made it too, together with Robin & Yiqi. And of course, a new found friendship. :)

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