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A Prewed Moment

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Steve + Pearlie [A Prewed Moment // "Are you just gonna HOLD that bag?"]

There are a couple of reasons why we are so thrilled by this pre-wedding. :D

Firstly, the story. We were really captivated when they first shared their story with us. Though some of them were boo boo moments, it was vey sweet at the same time to hear how Steve tried his best during the courtship period. All of us had a really good laugh piecing the edit together. Steve is a very sincere guy and a true gentleman as well. As he was based in Shanghai for work, he had to take frequent trips a month via redeye just to spend quality time with Pearlie. That to us, is a true testament to his commitment and love for her.

Secondly, the shoot. We really really enjoyed the whole filming process with them. We went to the golf course, badminton court, their place and even the hospital. We had meals together and got to know them little by little along the way. And not forgetting Latte, his "wing-dog" too! We did not direct much for the ending scene. We were just there capturing them in their most natural manner. Because that's what really happened everyday. :)

Lastly, the couple. Steve and Pearlie are always very generous to us. As both of them are in the medical line, they were very attentive towards us especially when Edwina twisted her knee during filming. It is very heartwarming and we are truly blessed to have forged a friendship with them.

To our dear friends, hope this is not the last we will see one another and thank you so much for the inspiration and friendship. To more funny moments ahead! :P

Rekord Haus Team


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