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A Prewed Moment

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Alvin + Melissa [A Prewed Moment // The Story of Them]

Allow us to introduce you to Alvin and Melissa.

As we only met them months after they had signed up with us, we were pretty eager heading to our first meeting with them. What awaited us was the beginning of something memorable.. Our first impressions of them - quiet and a tad shy. It took them awhile to warm up to us as we threw all kinds of questions at them, trying to know them more before we constructed a story. :P

For us, the flow of the story is equally, if not more important than the concept. By finding out as much about them, which means posing questions relating to them both individually and collectively, we can then find the best way to tell their story in the most suitable manner. We got them to write all that they know about each other and send these notes to us before proceeding to our next meeting.

During our second meeting, they were more comfortable and open with us. We don't recall having a couple like them, who trusted us so wholeheartedly, leaving the entire project in our own hands. They never once doubted or questioned us, preferring to give us full creative freedom. At that moment, we knew this is a unique couple. :D

Heading into production, we went groceries shopping together, savoured Alvin's home-cooked brunch for us, experiencing Melissa's sewing expertise, chilling at a cafe, chit chatting in a coffeeshop while waiting for the rain to subside etc. While we were having coffee, we spotted a beautiful, artificial wreath hanging in a shop. Jude suggested that we all guessed the price of the wreath, with the one guessing furthest from the original price to buy the next meal (Edwina was the loser by the way!). In our next meeting, we had a pleasure surprise when Melissa gave us a handmade wreath that she did during her floral lesson! It was probably the most special gift we had ever received.

Over the course of it all, they were more than just clients, they became our friends. That has to be the most fruitful and important aspect of our job. :)

This is the story of them.

Rekord Haus Team


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