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A Prewed Moment

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Roy + Frances [A Prewed Moment // The Office]

Roy and Frances work together at the same office. They approached us with a clear vision for their Pre-Wedding video - a concept similar to "The Office", as they were huge fans of the hit TV series. We just could not contain our excitement based on their ideas and we could only imagined how fun this video could be. We were right.

We spent a few brainstorming sessions together. Trying to tie up the loose ends and contract into a deep, compact story. Edit was to be fast paced, as we aimed for a documentation of their relationship. We spent many shooting days together as well. Due to all our busy work schedules, we met up to film a scene whenever we were available. The commitment levels cannot be any higher. Post Production was pretty tedious as well, as we spent a huge amount of time trying to gel their story together. Story for us, has to be the primary focus without losing any momentum in pacing the cuts. :)

We were so glad it turned out great and the response was pretty overwhelming. It definitely became a talking point for their guests during their lunch banquet and we enjoyed watching this video on the big screen together with everyone.

Roy and Frances has to be one of the most creative and efficient couple we have ever met. They were never short of ideas and planned the entire shoot extremely well. Not forgetting their taste in music too! As we had the same taste in music and bands, we attended "The National" concert (featured in this video) together with them and managed to film it as well! It was a dream to shoot and enjoy thereafter.

Roy and Frances, thanks for all the fun time. We did it! :D

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