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Australian Wedding Film-makers // Preface Films

We believe that everyone has a story. Capturing & shaping this in a way that truly makes people stop and stare, leaving them feeling all the emotions of the people within it and wanting more - that is the mark of a true film.

Preface Films is proud to share these wedding films with you

Melbourne Wedding Video // Andrew & Francesca ~ Same Day Edit

Andrew & Francesca's wedding story will be an all time that I will treasure for many years to come.

It's a rare occasion that you meet clients who absolutely love your work that they would actually change their wedding date to accommodate you. I remember this time so vividly and recall my first conversation with Andrew. I knew at that time that we would be booked for their wedding day. After confirming with my initial client and receiving a call from Candice from Mackenzie Creations, I had to apologise that we were unable to film their day. A week or so later, Candice called back and said they are changing their date - I was stunned to say the least & literally teared up. It was humbling day for have a couple who valued us so much.

So on this note we knew that we needed to exceed every presentation that we have ever done. Having their lifestory to present prior to the same day edit, Andrew & Francesca celebrated their wedding at Ascot House. It was great to work yet again with Sean from Dansk photography & have our colleague Michael from allure assist us on this day.

Music Licensed from "The Music Bed" - I found you: Aaron & Andrew

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