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  1. Congo Mission Network - Informational Meeting at New City Fellowship - August 19, 2012

  2. Congo Network Promo 2012

    The Democratic Republic of Congo has been a war torn country for more than 15 years
    Resulting in the death of millions of Congolese
    The complete collapse of the infrastructure of the country
    A series of ruthless dictators (Mobutu, followed by father and son Kabila) who have continued to plunder the natural resources of their country
    Leaving the vastly poor and unemployed (90%) people of Congo to fend for themselves.
    There has been an amazing movement of people coming to faith in Christ, literally by the millions.

    Over the past ten years, NCF working with Congolese Pastors, we have…
    Helped to build and operate a medical clinic
    Engaged in medical training
    Established a health care fund for orphans
    Supported several hundred orphans and their caretaker families with food and school fees
    Help theologically train pastors in a more grace-and kingdom centered theology
    Help several micro-business owners with low-interest and forgivable loans

    The need and opportunity is clearly emerging to engage a network of churches from the U.S. and Europe with a network of churches in Kinshasa to focus on five areas of ministry…
    Orphan Care
    Health Care
    Theological Training
    Micro Business Development

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