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  1. Light Comparison St. Louis Photo Authority 04-04-2013

    Edward Crim presents an in-depth comparison of two photographic flash instruments - the Bowens Gemini GW500R and the Paul C. Buff Einstein 640WS

  2. STL LOOP LIVE opener video

    The opening sequence for a new weekly video webisode that will feature the people, places. events, and culture of the LOOP in St Louis.

  3. FundraisingVideo

    Welcome to the project. Forty state capitols down and only ten to go!

    Hi I’m Edward Crim, professional photographer; educator; amateur historian, and art critic in Saint Louis, Missouri. My friend and co-producer, Paul Heirendt and I need your support to put our project over the top! The goal of our project is to provide students and teachers free high quality educational resources on our 50 state capitols. The team has visited and photographed 40 of our state capitols (that’s 80 percent, for you younger students and fine arts majors)! You can help us add the other ten and complete our coverage of all fifty state capitols!

    I was smitten by the state capitols bug about 10 years ago, when one of my children had to do a fourth grade presentation on our state. Naturally we went looking on line to find some photos to use in the report, but at that time there weren’t any good images we could use!

    At that point, little realizing what I was getting myself into, I decided to go myself and photograph each of our nations state capitols, as well as our national capitol in Washington, DC. At first it was stop-overs on family vacations, but it wasn’t long before the state capitols project took on a life of it’s own. It became clear to me that each state house is much more than just a building. Each capitol, through its history, art, architecture, and openness to visitors, reveals something of the character of each state. You could call it a personality test of sorts.

    So here’s where we are today: I’ve visited and photographed 40 of our 50 state capitols. You can see them on line at

    Somewhere along the way, though, I realized this project was much bigger than just photographs could convey, so we’ve launched an educational resource Website for students and teachers to show them not only the art and architecture of these historic buildings, but also the history and importance in our American life.

    An important additional resource we are producing for is a documentary featuring our state capitols. It will provide the back-story for many of the photos I’ve already taken, but also interviews with state officials, behind the scenes tours of these magnificent buildings, and intriguing snippets from their history.

    To do this we really need your help. Creating this documentary will take us another year or two, and a lot of money for the production crew and travel expenses.

    If you love art, architecture and America, please help us complete this project. All project supporters will be recognized on the site and in the documentary.

    • Support the project at the $10 level and we’ll send you a bumper sticker so you can announce your support.
    • $25 support gets you a cool 18x24 poster.
    • At the $50 level you get a t-shirt.
    • $100 gets you the bumper sticker, the t-shirt, the poster, and a signed 8 by 10 print of any one of the photos - you get to choose.
    • If you contribute $250, you may join us at your state capitol so you can watch us at work, and we’ll buy you lunch!
    • For $500 support you will receive a personalized hard-cover photo book of the state capitol of your choice.
    • For a $1,000 contribution, you or your organization will be recognized on the site and in the documentary as the exclusive underwriting sponsor for your state.
    • For support of $5,000 or more, you will be credited as an Executive Producer on the site and in the documentary.

  4. "From the Kitchen" Episode 1

    The first episode of a new series "From the Kitchen" which looks at chefs and their creations

  5. AMI - Small Product - Table Top Photography

    A short tutorial on setting up and lighting a table top shoot for small products.

  6. AMI - 3 Point Portrait Lighting

    Learn the basics of effective 3 Point Lighting for Portrait Photography

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