Nate Irwin - Improving Data Collection in OpenStreetMap to Better Map Our National Parks

The NPMap team recently kicked off work on a system called Places of Interest. This system will provide a way for the OSM community to contribute spatial information (structures, campgrounds, trails, waterfalls, etc.) back to the NPS, and streamline the process of getting National Park Service data into OpenStreetMap. Data that’s collected through Places of Interest will be distributed to NPS personnel at parks, certified, and then exported back out to OpenStreetMap. This data will also be used by a variety of the Park Service’s internal and public-facing desktop, web, and mobile applications (including our basemap, Park Tiles).

If done right, Places of Interest will fundamentally change how the National Park Service does data. There are, however, a slew of hurdles to overcome - some technical, some social, and some institutional. This presentation will cover some of these hurdles and also go into detail about how the NPMap team is planning on implementing their ideas. In addition, it will cover why the National Park Service and other federal agencies cannot simply use raw OpenStreetMap data in its products.

State of the Map US - San Francisco 2013

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