Richard Fairhurst - You Are Not The Crowd

Is OpenStreetMap a tribe of worker ants? A self-organizing anarchy? Is it truly crowd-sourcing? And how do we recruit a bigger crowd to complete our mission of mapping the world? Is OpenStreetMap’s cause best served by seeking to emulate Google Map Maker and Waze, or are we on the right track already? And if the latter is the case, what’s holding us back?

In this talk, Richard will examine OpenStreetMap’s greatest successes to find the motivations that drive our mappers, developers, and organizers and ask how we can learn from these to build a bigger, better OSM.

This lively session will change how you think about OSM (no refunds available in case of dissatisfaction). Expect Monty Python, church organs, Welsh architecture, European socialism, and the ultimate answer to life, the universe, and OSM mailing lists.

State of the Map US - San Francisco 2013

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