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Monthly Briefings

OCFA produces a monthly recap of what is happening in the department and in our communities.

  1. OCFA's March 2015 Monthly Briefing

    Assistant Chief of Support Services Mike Schroeder goes over his department’s role in the organization; Battalion Chief Ken Harrison talks to us about the lessons learned from the 3 alarm fire in Laguna Hills; and Battalion Chief Dave Phillips says his final farewell. All this and the Fire Chief goes over his 180-day plan!

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  2. OCFA's February 2015 Monthly Briefing

    Assistant Chief of the Organizational Planning Department Brian Young talks to us about the role of the newly created section; and Battalion Chief Karl Schmutz and Fire Captain Matt Levesque go over the lessons learned from the La Zanja incident. All this, plus the latest in promotions and retirements.

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  3. OCFA's January 2015 Monthly Briefing

    The Training & Safety Section gives us an update on the next TAG Session; Battalion Chief Jim Henery discusses the Santa Ana structure fire, and we finish up our Section Highlight on the Human Resources Section. All this plus we go over the results of the recent Video Newsletter Survey.

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  4. OCFA's December 2014 Monthly Briefing

    Career Academy 40 graduates to being probationary firefighters; Battalion Chief Terry Scortt talks about the challenges they faced on the San Juan Barn Fire; and Pipe & Drum Band Leader Cory Gallup tells us what it was like to play on stage with Dropkick Murphys. All this plus a Section Highlight on Human Resources in this month's Monthly Briefing.

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  5. OCFA's November 2014 Monthly Briefing

    Ops Chief Dave Thomas gives us a quick update from Operations; Fire Captain Jim Day talks to us about a couple wildland tips; and CJ Hamilton is back with tips on dealing with solar panels. All this plus we recognize the two dispatchers who helped dads over the phone deliver their babies this month!

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  6. OCFA's October 2014 Monthly Briefing

    Ops Chief Dave Thomas goes over the upcoming changes in the Training Section; Firefighter Paramedic Mike Yeun gives us tips on what to expect when responding to a TC; and we talk to the crews who successfully rescued the window washers in Irvine. All this, plus coverage from our All Hands Meeting!

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