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Monthly Briefings

OCFA produces a monthly recap of what is happening in the department and in our communities.

  1. OCFA's November 2014 Monthly Briefing

    Ops Chief Dave Thomas gives us a quick update from Operations; Fire Captain Jim Day talks to us about a couple wildland tips; and CJ Hamilton is back with tips on dealing with solar panels. All this plus we recognize the two dispatchers who helped dads over the phone deliver their babies this month!

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  2. OCFA's October 2014 Monthly Briefing

    Ops Chief Dave Thomas goes over the upcoming changes in the Training Section; Firefighter Paramedic Mike Yeun gives us tips on what to expect when responding to a TC; and we talk to the crews who successfully rescued the window washers in Irvine. All this, plus coverage from our All Hands Meeting!

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  3. OCFA's September 2014 Monthly Briefing

    In this edition, we introduce you to our Interim Fire Chief Jeff Bowman; the crew from Truck 61 C-Shift goes over Truck Company Evolution 1; and we take you into the world of Property Management. All this plus coverage from the IAFF Memorial in Colorado Springs as well as an update from Ops Chief Dave Thomas on upcoming policy changes.

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  4. OCFA's August 2014 Monthly Briefing

    We finish up our in-depth look at the Finance Section; Firefighter Steve Ventura talks to us about a large vehicle rescue he was involved in recently; and HR Director Jeremy Hammond gives us an update on where we are with all of the high level recruitments. All this plus the latest hirings, promotions, and retirements!

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  5. OCFA's July 2014 Monthly Briefing

    Fire Captain Chuck Fedak goes over the new SCBA Drop Bag; OCFA Explorers experience a day-in-the-life of a firefighter; and we take at the inside workings of our Finance Section. All this plus the latest in our efforts for drowning prevention!

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  6. OCFA’s June 2014 Monthly Briefing

    Station 9 B-shift goes over the components of a tech truck; HR Director Jeremy Hammond updates us on all the recruitments going on; and WEFIT Coordinator Chuck Legg goes over the cross training mileage challenge. All this, plus the latest in promotions and retirements!

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