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OCFA Newsletter Ops Segments

Here are Operations-related stories from Monthly Briefings as independent clips for your viewing ease.

  1. OCFA's Lessons Learned - 3-Alarm Fire in Laguna Hills

    Battalion Chief Ken Harrison talks to us about the 3-Alarm, double house fire in Laguna Hills.

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  2. OCFA's EMS Update - 1st Quarter TAG: Acute Coronary Syndrome

    The EMS section is rolling out its first quarter TAG with an emphasis on being heart healthy.

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  3. OCFA's Lessons Learned - The La Zanja Incident

    First on-scene Captain Matt Levesque and Incident Commander Battatlion Chief Karl Schmutz talked to us about the La Zanja Incident.

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  4. Sit Down with the Ops Chief - TAG & Response Times

    Assistant Chief of Operations Dave Thomas talks about the importance of TAG as well as response times in this month's Sit Down with the Ops Chief.

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  5. OCFA's Lessons Learned - Firefighter Injury

    OCFA units responded to a structure fire in a commercial building in Santa Ana in mid-December. After the incident was over, the captain on Truck 6 took his crew through the building to show them where the fire was in relation to the large machinery and ended up getting injured by falling into a pit. Battalion 9 Chief Jim Henery goes over the lessons learned on this incident.

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  6. OCFA's Training Segment - TAG Update

    Training & Safety Battalion Chief Steve Pardi talks about what to expect this year from the Training & Safety Section, including the first session of TAG.

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