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OCFA Newsletter Featured Segments

Here are selected stories from each Monthly Briefing as independent clips for your viewing ease.

  1. OCFA's WEFIT Minute - Hiking Challenge 2014

  2. OCFA's Section Highlight - Property Management

    You’ve probably seen them from time to time or talked to them on the phone when something in the station breaks, but who are the people who work in our Property Management Section? Well, wonder no more because they are the subject of this month’s Section Highlight.

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  3. OCFA Section Highlight - Finance Part 2

    We go behind the scenes of the Finance Section to show you how Timekeeping, Payroll, and Accounts Payable work.

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  4. OCFA's Recruitment Update - August 2014

    Human Resources Director Jeremy Hammond gives us an update on the high level recruitments going on in the agency.

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  5. OCFA's Section Highlight - Finance Part 1

    Finance Manager Jim Ruane takes us through half of the Finance Division and introduces to the staff. Be sure to check back next month for part 2!

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  6. OCFA's 16th Annual Explorer Academy