Oakville Grocery – founded in 1881 – is the oldest continually operating grocery store in California. Since its opening, Oakville Grocery has been a destination for locals and visitors alike. With our renovation, we have reconnected to our California roots, offering a highly curated selection of the best products from farmers, artisans and purveyors in the Napa and Sonoma Valleys.

We believe the picnic is an ideal meal meant to be enjoyed all year long. The picnic is communal and encourages sharing with family and friends. Everyone gets to taste a little bit of everything. At Oakville Grocery we have everything you need to create the perfect picnic.

We are a family. Farm to picnic. Picnic local

Oakville Grocery: The Historical Restoration

In January 2012, we decided that our beloved store was in need of an update so that people can still enjoy the charm of Oakville Grocery 100 years from now. After closing for a 5 month renovation, we were amazed at some of the items we uncovered and the stories that we learned and were fortunate to chronicle the restoration by video. We reopened in late May with a new menu focusing on seasonal and local ingredients by Chef Jason Rose, while still having some of the old-time favorites to enjoy.



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