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Digital Knowledge Central (DKC)

These short video tutorials are designed to help students, faculty, and library staff learn the features of their NewsBank resources.

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  1. How To: Use Access World News (Texas)

    With hundreds of sources, Access World News allows you to track issues, find information on people and events, and look for articles that contain a certain keyword or phrase. Learn how to search and locate different types of news content, including videos, transcripts, and online-only content.

  2. How To: Find and Use Local News Sources (Texas)

    Local news includes decades of information on people, events, and issues in your community. Learn how to find and use local sources in your NewsBank resource.

  3. How To: Sort Results (Texas)

    NewsBank resources are designed to make sorting results quick and easy. Learn how to use the blue sidebar to sort results by date, location, source type, and more.

  4. How To: Use Boolean Search Operators

    NewsBank resources are designed to work with Boolean Search Operators. Learn how using AND, NOT, and OR returns better results, giving you the information you seek.

  5. How To: Set Alerts (Texas)

    Setting a NewsBank alert allows you to track a topic, place, or person. You can choose to have updated information delivered to your inbox every day or every week.

  6. How To: Use Lexile in your Search (Texas)

    Help users find appropriate research materials by sorting results using readability and incorporating Lexile ranges into search parameters.



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