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Minivegas Reel for Chevrolet Silverado

Adidas UEFA Case Film

For Adidas, the UEFA Champions League, and Heimat (Berlin) we took the idea of data visualization and video projection mapping to a new level. Thanks to our previous experience with Heimat on the CNN Ecosphere project we had a great working relationship and understanding of how technology can push ideas beyond the normal realm. With a concept that started out as a projection project and evolved into a data visualization of football fans’ choices via environmental and online triggers, we created a completely unique and successful event.

In the days leading up to the Champions League final game we gave fans in Munich (and globally via avatars) a chance to pick their favorite team for the final match with opportunities in and around the city. Then in the three nights leading up to the Saturday match we projected rendered 3D animations on a building in the center of town to show the current standings and get people excited for the game. The project involved a number of layers covering CG graphic creation, app development, live-website streaming, video projection mapping, a few dashes of creativity, and a few million football fans.

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