Gary Numan: Android in LA LA Land Trailer

Inside his brightly hued 1920s home, the godfather of electronic pop music Gary Numan is preparing to move. Leaving his beloved Great Britain, the nation that gave him fame, fortune and a stunt pilot’s flying license, Numan embarks on a one-way trip to America to try and make it big in Hollywood.

Numan took the sound of early electro pioneers Kraftwerk and fused it with the image of Bowie to invent something totally unique. His singles and albums hit the dizzy heights of no.1, as he performed in front of sell-out crowds on his way to selling millions of records, carving out an impressive career. What makes this more impressive than most successful music artists is that Gary achieved it all with Asperger's syndrome, only recently diagnosed; hardly a pop star's tool for unparalleled self-belief and ability to perform and interact with others.

Life for Numan was far from easy, as depression, anxiety, near bankruptcy and a long period in the wilderness followed. A renewed passion for writing and performing thankfully came into Numan's life; upon meeting his wife Gemma, who as a lifelong Numan fun, convinced the singer to get back in the studio and on the stage.
This marked a resurgence in Numan's career, with critically acclaimed albums once more. His work has been covered by an array of modern, leading music artists, from Nine Inch Nails to Sugababes, whilst influencing many more.

With the release of his 24th album Splinter imminent, follow Numan and his family as they unpack in California, the story unfolds at home, in studio and on the road as we find out the man behind the mask, is human after all.