Young, Mormon and Single Trailer

What does it mean to be Mormon? What values do they believe in? More importantly, how do they look for love and how do they party?

Each year, a throng of over 1,000 single Mormons swarm to Duck, North Carolina for a weekend of partying without booze and flirting without sex. This is the annual Mormon spring break: ‘Mormons Gone Mild’.

Young, Mormon and Single follows four single Mormons looking for their eternal partner. Successful, intelligent and with much to offer, the strict guidance that the Church places upon them gives rise to insight, humour and frustration on the path toward wedded bliss.

Searching for perfection comes with its downfalls - fear of making a mistake, a serious lack of emotional maturity, and tremendous pressure from family to fulfil their duties.

Will they succeed in the sexually-charged sun-kissed gathering or will they return next year, still praying that the Lord will one day provide?

It’s not easy being a Mormon...

NOTE: The 80min cut of this film is titled "Duck Beach to Eternity"