Shady Lady Trailer

The epic story of the B-24 bomber called ‘Shady Lady’ that flew from Darwin during WWII. Its aim: to complete the longest bombing mission in history, to stop the Japanese war effort in the South Pacific.

In 1943, Shady Lady flew with ten other aircraft to attack the oil refineries at Bilikpapan, Borneo. With the target hundreds of miles behind enemy lines, many considered it a suicide mission. During her flight, Shady Lady survived intense tropical thunderstorms, heavy enemy anti-aircraft fire, and attacks by Japanese Zero fighters.

After 16 hours in the air, the bomber ran out of fuel and crash landed on a remote salt pan in North West Australia. In this incredible true story, discover how Shady Lady flew home with help from the Aboriginal Community.

Nominated: Original Score, Hollywood Music in Media Awards 2012
Official Selection, Fort Lauderdale Film Festival 2012