Salaam Dunk Trailer

Salaam Dunk follows the American University of Iraq women’s basketball team as they discover what it means to be students, athletes and friends.

They come from all ethnic backgrounds and sects – Arab, Kurd, Christian, Sunni, Shiite – and have one thing in common: they have never touched a basketball or been allowed to play any sport. This is a story of triumph in the face of chaos and a testament to the perseverance of a handful of young Iraqi women.

From the joy of the team’s first win to the sadness of bidding farewell to their American coach, this stirring film delivers a glimpse into the Iraq we don’t see on television.

“Offers a sweet, insightful glance at young Iraqi life from the unusual focal point of a woman’s college basketball team” - Variety

“Salaam Dunk stands aside from the pack… a work not to be dismissed” - Indiewire

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