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Corporate Work

These videos are a selection of our Corporate Video Campaign work.

  1. Corporate Overview / Launch Video

  2. IBM Commercial

  3. New England Studios Concrete Pour

  4. Animated Infographic: DynamicOps

    An example of an animated infographic we created for a corporate client. We also produced a static infographic to complement the animation.

  5. Chris Byers Discusses the Team Behind New England Studios

    We have an investment group of local businessmen. Their real passion is for growth in Massachusetts.

    It’s sort of heart warming coming back into this area and finding people who just have passion for their home state. And really I think that is the elixir for this whole project getting done. This is a passion project and the group that sits in front of us everyday is a group that cares about what is going on and cares about Massachusetts being number one really.

    We have Mike Meyers as our land development person who is probably the most detail oriented person I’ve ever come across – and thank god because that’s not who I am!

    We have Jack Sullivan who is part of the architectural team. As a matter of fact, the only group that is not from the Lowell, Massachusetts connection is Gary Bastien, who is our architect for the actual studio. He is California based.

    Gary really put the bar pretty high right off the bat. He kept pushing not to think small. So one of the reasons I think this project really expanded out is because of Gary’s help, having the non-film people understand the scope and why the scope should be this and why all of the studios that exist have blossomed into just an expansion of land and business all around the studio.

    For every weakness that one of us has, that’s what the other person’s strength is. So, the mix is just somewhat incredible – and you know, fortunate. It’s a support system for everybody else’s ground, which is how a team should work anyway.

  6. Pugnacious Motorsports

    I hadn't seen my friend Steve race his BMW at Loudon in 10 years. Since then we've both grown tremendously in our careers and personal lives. I have so much respect for Steve as an individual with what he's accomplished as an inspiration, a mentor and race car driver. As I watched him put his BMW though its paces I was reminded of his ferocious battle with cancer and his commitment to survive - and it occurred to me that he drives his car with the same unrelenting passion to win.

    Shot with a Go Pro, Contour, Sony NXCam, Canon 5D mark II, Canon 7D and Kessler Pocket Dolly. I needed 5 cameras to capture this day and as I look at the video I'm reminded why I love to shoot. (One-man crew.)