Director Raphael Jamil Pranga (Fiel)

As the leader of the directing pack, Fiel gives equal attention to different shooting styles without losing track of a video’s production value. His strong background in information technology along with his post-graduate studies from the Asian Institute of Management have worked to his advantage, and the success that Mayad is now enjoying, is a testament to that. Although a bit partial to elegant fashion shots and other glamorous takes, he allows himself to relive his action-hero fantasies once in a while, when a feisty groom inspires him to. Known for his vast collection of gadgets, running gear, and travel tickets, Fiel says he loves collecting memories of Mayad’s different couples the most. So when he’s not engaged in his jet-setting schedule or his early morning jog, this top-billing director is still often busy…running after his dreams!

Maricar and Richard