Director Carmela Dy Hubag

It’s rare for a woman to dominate the realm of directing in the wedding industry, but this former chess champion and music-lover is about to prove otherwise. With her impeccable documentary shooting style of well-composed shots and elegant angles, she has slowly gained her own spot in the Mayad directing team, the lone female in an otherwise male-dominated group. A software engineer by profession, she has long since abandoned codes and computer programs for her other passions- food, ultimate frisbee and film photography. While she expertly directs shot after shot, not many know that she is a self-professed introvert, who usually keeps to herself most of the time. This girl may be a woman of few words, but her amazing footage speaks volumes about her superb directing skills.

Katrina and Paolo : Love Never Stops

Directed by : Carmela Dy Hubag

Admirable is a man who is proud of his girl, would hold her hands in front of everybody and would not care and happy to show his love even if others may think it is silly. Joyful is a woman who has a man that loses his breath every time he gazes upon her and will never stop trying to live his life with her. Lucky is the man who can find a woman worthy of all those. Truly Katrina and Paolo deserved this kind of happiness.
Let your heart skip a beat and fall in love with Katrina and Paolo as we present to you their wedding video.