Lung Cancer Living Room™

If you are a NEWLY DIAGNOSED patient, or LUNG CANCER patient in any place in your diagnosis and you are looking for support, patient education and empowerment, help obtaining second opinions with one of the foremost thought leaders in the world on Lung Cancer, or just need an informed ear to bend… Please contact

The monthly support group “Lung Cancer Living Room™” welcomes patients, survivors, families and friends. Our HOPE is that during our time together, we will share stories, talk through difficulties, give advice that only someone who really knows can give, raise awareness and offer support.

Location: BJALCF, 1100 Industrial Road, Suite 1, San Carlos, CA When: Every THIRD Tuesday of every month from 5:30-7:30pm
Who: Guest speakers, food for thought, drinks, and light appetizers provided

Maximizing Your Molecular Test & New Developments - Dr. Ross Camidge - 01/15/13

Dr. Camidge discusses Immune Stimulant Response Drugs, new findings related to tumor cell heterogeneity, and perhaps most importantly, ways to ensure that you aren't receiving falsely negative results on your molecular tests. Also, learn how to ensure that you are not being given "Sequential Testing".