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Adam was born in 1973 in Łódź, a city known for its rich tradition of movie making and animation. His career began in the 90s when he joined the team of K2 Multimedia. He worked on most key projects there as a 3D graphic designer and then as Art Director. After a few years of the professional development and various experiences on the home market, he decided to take up a new challenge, which was doing freelance work for foreign companies. The contacts he made then resulted in a three year contract in Dubai, the UAE, with Metromedia Productions (TV and advertising productions), where he worked as a 3D Lead Artist, and later on as the Head of 3D Department.
As Adam is a big fan of computer games, a new offer to work in that field tempted him to come back to Poland. Digital Amigos gave him a project to create game cinematics to two parts of a game called Painkiller, which required exceptional creativity. The work he did turned out to be a big success so he kept on working in that field doing projects commissioned by Polish and foreign companies. Then he left Poland for a while again. This time for Los Angeles where he worked on other computer games. Some ofhis most valuable works include games such as: Rise of Nations, Command and Conquer 3, Tyberian Sun, Red Faction 2 and Gods & Heroes. After coming back to Poland he worked on add-films and established his position on the Polish market. His work in the advertising field was rewarded with the Creation Award 2009. As he had already gained considerable experience and challenges were more and more demanding, he decided to set up the studio Crazy Sardine Team. Thus the field of his activities expanded even more and he not only worked on a regular basis on hundreds of Polish and foreign advertisements but also got involved in the production of feature films. He contributed to the production of : ‘Hania’ directed by Janusz Kamiński (3D Supervisor), ‘How Much Does the Trojan Horse Cost’ and ‘The Lullaby’ by Juliusz Machulski (3D Supervisor). Recently he has been well known for his outstanding work on the film ‘The Suicide Room’, a movie directed by Jan Komasa, where Adam was the Director of Animation and 3D Supervisor. The movie’s success made him realize that the most interesting, motivating and inspiring field for him is work on a film. Therefore he accepted an offer from The Chimney Pot and , together with his team, entered the structure of this international company with a strong position on the worldwide market, to create and dedicate himself to big movie challenges. The most interesting Polish advertisements: −Orange Lottery – Creation Award 2009 in the animation technique category − Carrefour Forest – characters and surroundings’ animation −Carrefour Holidays – characters’ animation and interaction with the actor − Happy Hippo – characters’ animation and 3Dstage design The most interesting foreign advertisements: −MTV No Echo – a promotion add for the film channel, oneof eleven made by the leading graphic animation studios −BWIN – a spectacular flight in the BWIB world - 90 sec of the advanced 3D animationFilmography: −‘Hania’ - director Janusz Kamiński / 3D VFX Supervising −‘ How Much Does the Trojan Horse Weigh’- director Juliusz Machulski / 3D Supervising −‘ The Polish – Russian War’ - director Xawery Żuławski / Head of 3D Team −‘The Lullaby’- director Juliusz Machulski / Head of 3D Team −‘The Suicide Room’ - director Jan Komasa / Animation Dierctor/ 3D Supervisor / Additional VFX.

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