Vincent Kardasik : Director / Cinematographer

No worries if you can't spell my last name as I sign most of my work with the production company we created in 2008 with Julie Gourcy: L/K-rtel (pronounce "el cartel").
I can't remember when was the first time I used a camera but I started working as an assistant-director in 2001 then as a camera operator a couple of years later.
I'm based in Capbreton, South West of France, an area known as the Mecca of board culture in Europe.
As I'm a product of my environment, brands, directors and agencies use my shooting skills to capture action sports content in the most extreme conditions.
In 2008, on clients requests, I decided to start directing documentaries, TV shows, music videos and advertising campaigns but I've been also focused on what has always been my passion: Digital Cinematography and its technics.
My company owns different sets of high-end camera packages which are used to shoot all kind of productions all over the World and new clients and projects are showing up every month so the best is yet to come.