Ted Liedle

Here are some samples of productions by Ted Liedle.
The first three were produced by Liedle as Owner of Liedle Films in middle Georgia, USA.
The fourth film was produced by Liedle while in charge of Joint Combat Camera in Bosnia.
The fifth film was produced by Montana State Univ. Film School, Liedle was Technical Director.

Riverside Cemetery Story, 2009

This video was updated with new footage. Produced by Liedle Films. Scenics shot and edited by Ted Liedle, with crane/jib shots by Stefan Liedle, and crew support by Jacob Liedle. Interviews shot by Stefan Liedle, with audio/boom support by Jacob Liedle. Editing accomplished by Ted Liedle, with support from Suzanne Doonan. DVD authoring support provided by Jacob Liedle

We shot footage from time-to-time over the course of a year in order to capture all the seasons in various settings in Riverside Cemetery, Macon, GA, for use as cutaways in this interview-based documentary video.

A companion video, titled "Seasons," was produced using visuals and music, without interviews or narration. That video is also posted on vimeo.