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  1. Bastille Day Skateboarding

    Footage of a skate competition warm-up that was being held on Bastille Day in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn.

    "I dunno" by grapes
    is licensed under a Creative Commons license:

  2. The Gerlache Strait

    Probably should have bought a Flip or camera capable of video. Oh well, here's the only video of Antarctica that I took using my Macbook's webcam.

  3. Mighty Morphin' Vimeo Staff

    Just a little experiment I did with Soxiam's photo set from last night.

  4. Holiday Portrait

    Looking for something fun to do over the holidays? Try this special holiday project:

    Get your family together to take a family holiday portrait. Dress everyone in their best (or worst) sweaters and holiday paraphernalia and make sure everyone looks spiffy. Then, prentend like you are taking a picture of everyone with the remote timer, but instead take a video of them! The goal is to see how long you can get your family (or friends) to stay posing for the picture before they get suspicious. We call it a fauxtograph. Try it out!

    Then add it to the Weekend Project Group-

    Questions or comments on the project? Post here-

  5. What it's like to work at Vimeo!

    Blake asked me to make a recruiting video to get people excited about the prospect of working at Vimeo.

    If you want to work for the coolest website on the Net, visit and apply today.

    I look forward to working with you!

  6. I'm watching you, Peter

    The sunshine on your back, the wind in your hair.