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Kitchen Sink Studios

KITCHEN SINK STUDIOS®, INC is a creative and design consultancy. Our job is to tell your story in the most compelling manner possible. That means everything from branding, print design, web design, computer generated renderings and illustration, video presentations,animation, public relations and social media programs — everything including the Kitchen Sink!

"Rise & Fall"

We all have place in the world, but do we know where it is?

In a short film by Kitchen Sink Studios, South Carolina artist Steve Johnson asks himself the same question. Without knowing exactly where he belongs, Johnson knows art will always be something he is drawn to.

For one of his latest art projects, "Rise & Fall," Johnson drew a series of birds in flight, nesting, nurturing, and dying. He has a certain affinity for their fleeting beauty, and attempts to capture the commonalities between them and society.

Johnson will be speaking at the Robert Blackburn Printmaking Workshop on Friday, Aug. 16 in New York at the Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts.

For more information about the event, visit



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