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Office 365 Saturday Europe

Social Knowledge Management 3.0 With Office 365 And Yammer

Purpose of this session is to present tools and techniques for the creation of workflows for knowledge management in the enterprise. Office 365 and Yammer are at the core of this experience, bringing the social aspect to the vast information repository available in corporate intranets. The case study presented is based on the integration between SharePoint Online and Yammer as a unified platform for social networking in the business. The trigger is to extend SharePoint’s collaborative capabilities by leveraging the social connections that Yammer offers among people geographically distributed within a global organisation. The objective is in building a single entry point inside a company’s intranet and extending the typical and old-fashioned BI dashboard towards a more modern and collaborative social discovery experience based on a project team. Information, basically, is no longer stored and centralised, but it is available on demand according to specific team and project’s needs. In addition, during this session, best practises will be presented for modelling business processes completely visually, without coding, and for interacting with SharePoint apps from a traditional computer as well as a mobile device.

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