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We've got amazing exhibits! Here we document the making that goes into different exhibits, including inside looks at artist and student work.

Behind the scenes of Objects of Affection

Kennedy Library’s “Objects of Affection” is brought to life through a behind-the-scenes stop-motion peak into the illustrations that are found throughout the exhibit. The concept for the exhibit’s aesthetic was devised by student Ragini Sahai (Art & Design, 2014) collaboration with fellow students Audrey Anne Magwili (GrC, 2014) Ben Kieffer (GrC, 2014), Lauren Miller (Art & Design, 2015) Matt Rice (GrC, 2014) and Emily Wang (Art & Design, 2016).

The “Objects of Affection” exhibit draws upon the personal papers of families featured in the Re/Collecting Project, an online archive and ethnic studies memory project of California’s Central Coast directed by Grace Yeh, associate professor of ethnic studies. The exhibit is featured on the 2nd floor of Kennedy Library and runs, May 12, 2013 – June 6th, 2014. Join us for the
Opening reception May 23, 3PM-5PM.

Music: Podington Bear (Creative Commons)