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Live Productions

This portfolio represents JGP's live artistic multimedia productions.

The First Day Ballet excerpts

In collaboration with Grammy-winning Patrick Leonard and the Montana Ballet Company, I produced and directed The First Day, a contemporary multimedia ballet that portrays the riveting transformation of an imprisoned woman who has just learned the date of her execution.

We brought together traditional live elements such as dancers, set and light design and live musicians with non traditional elements such as quadraphonic surround sound, precisely synched to multi directional video projections.

These are excerpts from the 18 minute performance

Story and Concept Jessica Leonard
Artistic Design Charles Leonard
Choreography Amy Stoddart
Music Patrick Leonard
Directing, Producing Jen Grace
Performances Caitlyn Ross, Jeni Fleming
Co-Production Katie O'Neil

Performed on May 14th 2010 at the Emerson Center for Culture and Arts, Bozeman Montana



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