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Mark Scandrette

Mark is an author, speaker and teacher based in San Francisco who is convinced that a more holistic biblical vision of abundance can bring life that is more in touch with the mission of God's kingdom. And a life more in touch with that mission needs to be focused on what is truly important with a deep foundation in core principles of spirituality, culture, time and money.

Mark is the author of "Soul Graffiti" (Jossey-Bass, 2008), "Practicing the Way of Jesus" (InterVarsity Press, 2011) and "FREE: Spending Your Time and Money on What Matters Most" (InterVarsity Press, 2013), He is also the co-founder of REIMAGINE where he and others helps people take risks to experiment together with how to integrate the way of Jesus into the details of everyday life.

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Barrio Libre

Mark Scandrette, author of Practicing the way of Jesus, shares a story of community revival though common activism after tradegy strikes. Find more stories like this in his new book or at

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