IRRESISTIBLE HOTSHOTS: a scheme dedicated to actively cultivating rising directorial talent, as they look to attract the attention of creative agencies and industry clientele alike.

The HotShot Directors all possess a wealth of experience, ranging from self-shooting direction to editing. They have delivered successful campaigns for clients including MTV, McDonalds, Nike, LandRover, BT, Channel 4, Oxfam and Nokia. Their specialism’s span from film and digital content for advertising, broadcast, PR, marketing, corporate communications and social media, as well as the odd tantalising short film.

Adrian Larkin:
AJ Colomb:
Christina Evangelides:
Cyril Gfeller:
David Padadac:
Georgia Oakley:
Leonora Lonsdale:
Riccardo Sai:
Shane McNamara:
Matty Melvin: