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St. Matthew's Episcopal Church

No matter where you are on your Spiritual journey, you are welcome HERE!
Our mission is to be a caring and inclusive community, centered in the Eucharist and grounded in the Gospel
~~~ so that we can reach out as Christ’s hands in the world.

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  1. Clingman Forum ~ Status of Kentucky's Ban on Same Sex Marriages

    The lead attorney, Laura Landenwich, for the plaintiffs in a case where Kentucky's ban on same sex marriage was declared unconstitutional, brings us up to date on the current status of gay and lesbian spouses in the state.

  2. All Saints Sunday

    All Saints’ Sunday was November 2nd. And to honor those who have gone before, Lauren Becker created a liturgical art display with the pictures of our loved ones around the altar rail for the Eucharists that day.

  3. Celebration of New Ministry with the institution of the Rev. Kelly Kirby

    .A joyous celebration of new ministry took place Wednesday evening, with the institution of the Rev. Kelly Kirby as rector of St. Matthew's, Bishop Terry White presiding.

  4. Rev. Becca Stevens' Sermon

    Episcopal priest Becca Stevens is the founder of Magdalene, residential communities of women who have survived prostitution, trafficking and addiction. She founded Thistle Farms in 2001 which currently employs nearly 50 residents and graduates, and houses a natural body care line, a paper and sewing studio and the Thistle Stop Café.

  5. Meet the Kirby Family

    On Sunday September 14th St. Matthew's met in Saints Hall to learn more about the Kirby family and the journey that brought us our new Rector.

  6. Clingman Forum ~ Speaking Alzheimer Part One with Rev. Dr. Georgine Buckwalter

    This is the third in our continuing series: Clingman Forums on Aging Capturing life stories, writing obituaries and preparing eulogies will be covered in our series, Here the Rev. Dr. Georgine Buckwalter presents the first part on "Speaking Alzheimer"