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2 Seas Productions: Surf

A look into my work with the surfers and athletes that have sparked my interest into the film world. 2 seas productions is a company devoted to diversity involving the sports, dramas, short films, comedies, arts, student films, and music videos.

  1. 2 Seas Productions: NorCal Surf Trip

    Here is a short preview of what is to come. NorCal surf trip with Ethan Carlston, Kevin Schulz, and Trevor Thornton. Stay tune!

  2. 2 Seas Productions: Memory of 2013 and Initiating Innovation 2C14

    This is a short 15 sec. video presenting 2 Seas Productions 2013 footage and welcoming the beginning of 2014.

  3. Kanoa Igarashi: 2K13

    Kanoa Igarashi: California to Central America

    Filmed by: Hao Blake Chang & Ethan Carlston

    Helicopter: Pat Myers

    Additional: Mark Lohde

    Edited by: Hao Blake Chang / Ethan Carlston

  4. Donald Takayama: His Legacies Still Live

    A Cooperation of teamwork from Saddleback Community College, SHACC, and 2 Seas Productions.

  5. Ethan Zane Carlston | Summer2013

    Some clips from recent travels and some fun sessions at home. Scope it!
    Filmed by:
    Hao Blake Chang
    Joe Foster
    Caleb Burns
    Kevyn Dean

  6. Matt Passaquindici


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