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A series of episodes set in the Scandinavian wilderness showcasing life amongst the natural elements.
From the karst peaks of the Lofoten Islands to the wild waters off the Danish coast.
The film will include an amalgamation of eco friendly sports, powered only by organic energy.
The journey through out the Nordic regions will be principally accessed by public transport, although from time to time we may be inclined to explore alternative means of travel.
We will be exploring Scandinavia's exceptional efforts to become the world leader in renewable energy and their efficiency of oil salvage.
The roots of The Nordic Story lie deep within a love for the natural environment, our aim is to spread awareness and knowledge of the vast lands contained within Scandinavia and its Sustainability.

We encourage donations to this project as it is an independently funded series of episodes, 10% of the proceeds raised will be donated Surfers Against Sewage -sas.org.uk and a further 10% will be donated to Protect Our Winters - protectourwinters.org/about.
The final 80% will be used partly for the production of The Nordic Story & partly to fund the second project of this three part trilogy " An Asian Tale " which will begin production 2014.
Please use the TIP JAR for all donations, many thanks from Tidy Images & Gone West!

Sound Track:
Gone West Indent - Louis Leefé
Introduction - Michael Stearns - Broken Vow (michaelstearns.com)
Main Song - Xavier Rudd - Shelter (xavierrudd.com)

Any issues with copyright please contact tidyimages@gmail.com and we
will be happy to work out an agreement or take down the music used.