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Kay & Burton Report

The Kay & Burton Report puts our homes in front of thousands of subscribers around the world every month. This powerful and unique telecast offers breaking news on the latest listings, emerging sales and key analysis from some of Australia's leading business figures – as well as video tours of some of the finest homes imaginable.

Kay & Burton Report - Episode 6

This Kay & Burton Report is a story of supply and demand, as our company negotiates what is an almost unprecedented wave of buyers in the face of a fairly dramatic shortage of homes.

Across the company our agents are telling of receiving emails and calls around the clock from buyers here and overseas looking to buy now, but so far the stock levels just aren’t keeping up. It’s across the whole gamut too, from city apartments right up to the normally more reserved ultra high end. We have just transacted several quite significant sales in what would normally be the off season, and that’s a real sign that the buyers are out to mean business.

Our advice therefore to the owner market is, if you are even considering selling, it’s worth getting us in for a chat immediately because this is about the best vendors' market we’ve seen in a long, long time.

The good news is we do have a few super new homes to reveal to you in this edition, so take a look through what’s included here and let us know if there is anything we can help with.