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Web Videos and Video Email Marketing will distinguish your business and Professional Resume from other competitors. For the professional, Video Email will enhance your resume by putting a face to your name, experience and credentials. When people can see and hear you talking about the benefits of your business, products, services and experience they are much more likely to trust you. You establish trust, you generate sales.

All videos will be scripted, outlined, shot, edited and compressed for optimum playback for the web, mobile devices and any other digital playback system.

Stun and Run: Self Defense and Personal Safety Training

Stun and Run is a self defense and personal safety training program offered in Palm Springs by defensive tactics instructors, Johnnie Woods and Cheri Michel. This video is the introduction to the course which follows the personal testimony of Cheri Michel. Her story is an honest and compelling account of a situation she experienced in her early 20's. I had the honor and pleasure to study Shotokan karate with Johnnie and Cheri. Because they offered me this invaluable training, I wanted to give them something they could use to promote their class and a self defense video/dvd. If you live in the greater Palm Springs Area I strongly suggest you look them up if you have any proclivity to improve self defense skills and general awareness of your surroundings.