Gandolfi Media

Erik Gandolfi, digital video producer

The Story and the Means for Mass Communication

Gandolfi Media produces commercial video content for broadcast, web and digital display. I manage all aspects of video projects from conception, writing, shooting and editing. Gandolfi Media creates and manages budgets and production crews from small, run and gun documentary style to large scripted projects with multiple cameras and animation. I work with project managers, marketing agencies and communication directors to solidify concept calls, production details and final delivery schedule.

Auntie Wendi's After School Care

Wendi is the owner and primary caregiver at Auntie Wendi's Day Care in her home town, Santa Cruz, California. She started an in-home day care to pursue her passion for teaching and guiding young children. Certified in First Aid and CPR, and trained in Health and Nutrition, Wendi is also a State-Certified Day Care Provider and graduate of San Jose State University with a Bachelor's Degree in Elementary Education.

PLAY, LOVE, LEARN is the motto at Auntie Wendi's After School Care.

After graduating, she soon realized that instructing children in academics is important, but is only one aspect of a child's critical development. In addition to providing a happy environment for children, Auntie Wendi's also provides them a structured environment in which to learn and such it provides an early preparation for their future lives. Structure, manners, respect for others, playing, laughing, and social skills are just as vital for a child to grow. "That's the way I was raised, and that's what I want to pass down," says Wendi.

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