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Erik Gandolfi, digital video producer

The Story and The Means for Mass Communication

Gandolfi Media produces commercial video content for broadcast, web and digital display. I manage all aspects of video projects from conception, writing, shooting and editing. Gandolfi Media creates and manages budgets and production crews from small, run and gun documentary style to large scripted projects with multiple cameras and animation. I work with project managers, marketing agencies and communication directors to solidify concept calls, production details and final delivery schedule.

Ventana Wilderness Alliance Tribute to the Wilderness Act

September third, 1964. President Lyndon Johnson signs the Wilderness Act into law. With passage of the Wilderness Act, Americans chartered a new course in world history--to preserve some of the country's last remaining wild-lands to protect their natural processes and values from development. In this short film, the Ventana Wilderness Alliance presents the history of this bill featuring the people behind its creation and the political foes who eventually worked together to have it pushed through congress and onto LBJ's desk. This film also features Congressman Sam Farr who elaborates on the benefits of the Wilderness Act and how it preserves for future generations a chance to experience the true beauty of the wilderness.