This will be the future home of Natural Light, housing footage from all around the World.

We are filming at several locations, and building a database of world class visuals. Below, you can watch promo edits of material we've captured so far. To contact us, use the mail symbol.


This is a visual presentation of Manhattan and New York made by Fram Film | Natural Light. The film focuses on Manhattan and the two towers, Freedom Tower and the Empire State building. Representing the soul and the transformation of the original Metropolis. Footage filmed in March 2014 and a small part in February 2013.

We create visual presentations of cities, contact for new productions.

Produced by Fram Film | Natural Light.

Directed by Grim Berge. |

Helicopters operated by Helicopter Services Inc, New York

Music by Hans Zimmer, from the movie The Dark Knight Rises.

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