Follow Creative Studio is an alternative Video, Design, Multimedia and Architecture collective formed by Antonio Freitas and Sofia Rivas based in Lisbon.
We think, create and produce ideias!
We're a multidisciplinary people that loves beautiful images mixed with good ideas.
Every project as a unique approach combining powerful original aesthetics with great context and concept, without barriers, formulas or specific tools. Our method is based on visual thinking.
Depending on the nature of a given project, different collaborators are chosen to give each piece a new dimension.
Versatile projects big and small companies from arts and culture, fashion or entertainment industries are our primary clients and they also are who trust in our taste and professional work.
We do Video, Motion graphics , Advertising, Branding, Graphic design, Interactive Design, Web Design, Packaging, Environments, Mobile Design, Interior Design, Architecture and Events.
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JJ - Company day 2013