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The Communications Industry is going through a huge transformation worldwide, creating major changes in our lives. New formats for information distribution proposed by the internet have a strong impact on the way different audiences react and behave. Consequently it has an effect on both the profitability of traditional media as well as audience perception of conventional communication.
For some, we are experiencing a new Renaissance proposing the redemption of our cultural references, while also allowing us to build new patterns of behavior and culture. For others, the digital era is producing a new being who experiences an unimaginable relationship with time and space. So the question is:

The RBS Group ( ), one of the largest multimedia communications corporations in Brazil is supporting the production of “THE COMMUNICATION (R)EVOLUTION”.
The main objective of this research is to generate a deep reflection on the present and the future of the communication industry worldwide.
The nonprofit project is directed by the Brazilian filmmaker Flavia Moraes - ( ).

  1. ShaneSmith VICE "Near Future"

    Shane Smith, Co-founder, CEO of VICE -
    "There will be another economic downturn, a recession or depression.
    We should have more parity in wealth."

  2. Vint Cerf - Google - "Near Future"

    Vint Cerf - VP and Chief Internet Evangelist at Google -
    "...I can also say with some confidence that the networking idea is already off the planet. There's an interplanetary backbone that's already in operation between Earth and Mars and the International Space Station. We will see that grow over the subsequent decades to support manned and robotic space exploration. "

  3. Dr James Canton Global Future "Near Future"

    Dr. James Canton, Futurist/ CEO Institute for Global Futures:
    "the "Data Tsunami" will transform jobs.... 90% of all the jobs in 2025 haven't been invented yet."

  4. Ethan Zuckerman MIT "NearFuture"

    Ethan Zuckerman, Director of the Center for Civic Media at MIT
    "Technology is getting integrated into every corner of our lives.
    I expect to see more mobile, more wearables, more sensors in our environment."

  5. Robert Nail - Singularity University - "Connections"

    Robert Nail - CEO and Associate founder of Singularity University
    "We at Singularity University, make a lot of connections to interesting things that are happening,
    and show in a fairly credible way where technologies are headed.
    Google Glass is a great example of something that I think will be completely revolutionizing communication in the very, very near future."

  6. Roy Sekoff HuffPost, "NearFuture"

    Roy Sekoff, Founding Editor of Huffington Post
    "Who could have thought that 6 second videos would capture our attention?
    The secret is to be open and aware and to react to these kinds of rapid changes.
    I think if you try to see too far into the future, you're going to miss all the amazing things that are happening and you'll trip over them."