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  1. Filter Studios Demo Reel - 2012/13

    Our first year has been a bit of a whirlwind. Big thanks to all of our clients for their continued support. We're really looking forward to upping our game this year and telling many more moving stories about passionate people!


    "Beggar in the morning" by The Barr Brothers

    "The Anthem" by Onra

    "Blazing Soul" by Pigeon Hole


  3. Patient One: Maria's Story - V4

  4. K2 Stone - V2

  5. Robert Land Academy - About Turn

    Challenge: Robert Land Academy wanted to use video to overcome issues with imaging that they were having. They wanted to make sure that they would stir an interest amongst prospective students.

    Solution: We knew that the imagery would somewhat speak for itself on this one, but by creating two separate threads in the edit, one focusing on daily activities and one on the full dress graduation ceremony, we could say much more than what the images alone could.

    Directed, Shot & Edited by Filter Studios filterstudios.ca
    Executive Producer is Susan McLennan babbleoncom.com
    Music by Andrew Oye directcomposer.com

  6. Karen Mckinnon - The Details

    Challenge: Karen works very closely with her clients and she wanted to create something that really communicates who she is and what makes her tick

    Solution: We focused on what Karen cares about most... her family, creating memories, books, sunglasses, roller derby... all these little facets that piled up create the one and only, Karen Mckinnon. Being a photographer it was also important to showcase some of her work, so we found some unique ways to do that, beyond the typical Ken Burns effect.

    Music by: Helen Austin