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Marsh Birds of the Upper Nile, 1952

The Buchen East Africa Zoological Expedition (1952), collected material for study, research, and, a habitat group exhibition of African marsh birds. One hundred and eighty-nine bird skins and sixteen nests were collected, together with photographic studies for the background and foreground, papyrus to reproduce the vegetation, and other accessory material to construct the Marsh Birds diorama exhibition. The expedition was financed and led by Walther Buchen, Field Museum Trustee, of Winnetka, Illinois. Camera and film provided by Walther Buchen. Filmed by Ronald Lambert. This film depicts collection and specimen preparation activities, expedition daily life, and diorama construction.

Identified Individuals and their associated departments include:
Carl W. Cotton, Zoology Taxidermist;
Celestino Kalinowski, Zoology Assistant Taxidermist;
Ronald J. Lambert, Zoology Taxidermist;
Gustav. A, Noren, Maintenance;
Austin L. Rand, Curator of Birds;
James R. Shouba, Maintenance;
Douglas E. Tibbitts, Photography and Illustration.

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