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//Six Shorts//

So this is a bit of a work in progress, there's no link between any of the short films other than they're all vehicles for learning.

Each of these short films have been used to learn and hone a number of filming techniques. Short 04 for example is the first time I used lights in my work. Looking back now, there's a number of bits I's change but there really is no better way to learn! Enjoy...

  1. Short.04 // BMW F31 330d //

  2. Short.03 // Food shoot with Stuart Hodson //

    A quick documentation of Stu prepping the dishes before they went under the camera. Canon 5D used for film, ungraded footage. 1Ds MkIII for stills, various lenses used.

  3. Short.02 // Twelve-Bore at 240 //

    This has been knocking around my computer in un-edited form for a while now. Finally got something together - plenty of discrepancies but a lot learnt during the process! Enjoy and watch out for raining watermelon!

  4. Short.01 // Holkham //

    The results of a brief trip to Holkham last weekend. Playing with a few long dissolves. The first in the line of six short films, toying with a few different ideas in each.

    Kit used:
    Sony FS 700
    Carl Zeiss CP.2 50mm Makro
    Canon EF 16-35 II L
    Miller Compass 20 Sticks

    Adobe PP

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