A four-season resort located in the picturesque Pocono Mountains Lake Region, Woodloch Pines carries on a tradition of excellence and warm hospitality since 1958. Our mission is to treat guests as if they were company in our own homes. Woodloch is an ideal destination for family vacations, corporate retreats, weddings, reunions, senior group tours, class & scout trips and milestone celebrations.

Why Don't You Just Move In?

It came up naturally thirty years ago. Guests loved their vacation spot so much, they wanted to make it a permanent home. Woodloch built a few homes near the resort and it grew from there. Today, Woodloch offers a variety of real estate options from $200K to $1.5M, all located in several beautiful wooded communities around the resort. Woodloch takes care of all the maintenance so that when you and your family arrives, you can head straight for the fun.