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What On Earth Is God Doing?

Every day, important events happen around the world. More connected than ever, information about these events is broadcast at the push of a button. What kind of news moves the quickest? That's easy. Bad news travels fastest. Absent a biblical world view, all of the bad news could lead one to hopelessness and depression.

People have very real questions about what is happening around them. The Bible has very real answers. And, here is some good news. The world is not spinning out of control! The wars, famines, floods, earthquakes, economic failures, terrorism and everything else that we see happening is part of a larger plan, God's plan for HIStory. Believers in the God of the Bible have access to wisdom that the world needs. We have words of hope for the hopeless.

This collection of videos discusses the events that world news is made from. Its purpose is to help you and those you disciple to use the events of HIStory past, HIStory present, and HIStory yet to happen to tell the story of God's glory everywhere God gives you opportunities.

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  1. Living Stones in Israel

    Dr. Erez Soref, President of Israel College of the Bible, tells the fascinating and largely unknown story of Jewish believers in Jesus from the 18th Century to today. He will trace their movement from Israel to Europe to the United States and back again to their ancestral homeland. This story needs to be told to believers everywhere because it affects all believers everywhere!

  2. Rock & Hard Place

    Dr. Erez Soref, president of Israel College of the Bible, tells the fascinating story of Jewish believers in Jesus during the first centuries of the Church. This video presents facts most believers know nothing about today but were common knowledge until the 4th Century. It explains why most Christians have never met a Jewish believer in Jesus, do not understand the connection between the Old and New Testament events, and God's great desire for the unified witness of Jewish and Gentile believers together beginning in Israel and expanding throughout the entire world.

  3. Hamas, Spiritual Warfare, & Thanksgiving

    The terrorist organization, Hamas, began firing rockets at Israeli civilian targets in mid November 2012. In self-defense, Israel sent its Air Force on surgical missions to bomb the launching platforms that had been placed in schools, offices, city parks, and other highly trafficked areas. While careful to minimize the loss of innocent life, some civilians were killed. Cynically, this was the hope of Hamas.

    Hamas is supplied with rockets by the world's largest sponsor of terror, Iran. Iran is supported by Russia. Along with Turkey and other surrounding nations, this confederation could well be the precursor of the prophecy concerning the War of Gog.

  4. 2012 Presidential Election

    The events happening in the world today come as no surprise to those who are students of Bible prophecy. This includes what has been happening in America. As the people around us are caught up in the turmoil and division of our own country, as they see terrorism taking its toll on innocents around the world, and as the world economy nears total collapse, Bible prophecy can provide great comfort. Of course that comfort can only belong to those who have believed on Jesus of Nazareth. Christians everywhere could be used mightily by God as messengers of the hope that is within us if we would learn to frame our witness within the context of the Bible's narrative.