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Abide In Me

At the end of what is known as the Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20), Jesus told His followers, "I am with you, even to the end of the Age." Think about it. He had personally selected and trained the Apostles. God had prepared them fully for life's greatest calling and soon they would be unleashed on the world. Jesus had invited them to join Him 24/7/365 in Mark 3. Even though He was returning to heaven for a while, His invitation and promise remained the same. Abide in Me. I will be with you always! The book of Acts is His continuing story as told through their lives.

This series of videos is being recorded at Wayside Chapel of San Antonio, Texas in the Carpenters Class. Your host, Arlie Francis is the Carpenters' lead teacher. He is also the founder of a global disciple making network. More information about this network can be found at

Acts 2:1-4, New Age Dawning

Loving parents are sometimes forced to discipline one of their children to maintain order in the household and protect the child from destructive behaviors. This might entail a "time-out", a defined period time to sit alone and watch the other family members participate in their normal activities without him or her. The first Pentecost following Yeshua's ascension to heaven marked the beginning of a "time out" for the Jewish people. While not finished with Israel, Acts 2:1-4 records an event that initiated was a mystery to the Old Testament saints. A new age was dawning, the Church Age. Rest assured, Israel's time out will come to an end, perhaps sooner than you think!