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Abide In Me

At the end of what is known as the Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20), Jesus told His followers, "I am with you, even to the end of the Age." Think about it. He had personally selected and trained the Apostles. God had prepared them fully for life's greatest calling and soon they would be unleashed on the world. Jesus had invited them to join Him 24/7/365 in Mark 3. Even though He was returning to heaven for a while, His invitation and promise remained the same. Abide in Me. I will be with you always! The book of Acts is His continuing story as told through their lives.

This series of videos is being recorded at Wayside Chapel of San Antonio, Texas in the Carpenters Class. Your host, Arlie Francis is the Carpenters' lead teacher. He is also the founder of a global disciple making network. More information about this network can be found at

  1. Passing the Mantle, an Introduction to Acts - Part 1

    Paul's disciple and friend authored both a gospel account and the record of the growth of the messianic community in Jerusalem, Judea & Samaria, and the rest of the known world in his time. Luke understood that all of history is the eternally unfolding story of God Himself. Luke 24 and Acts 1 are connected by concepts and commission. Studying the book of Acts holds the keys to re-casting Messiah's calling in the lives of His people today and unleashing the power to follow Him now!

  2. Passsing the Mantle, an Introduction to Acts - Part 2

    This is the second part of our introduction to the Book of Acts. It is in Acts that the story of the birth of the Church is recorded. It's author, Luke, had a unique opportunity to interview eyewitnesses to not only Jesus life, but also the people whose foundational teaching the Church would rest upon. His account of the earliest days of the Church focus on two men. One was Peter, the Apostle to the Jews. The other was his friend and traveling companion, Paul, the Apostle to the Gentiles.

  3. Acts 1:1-7, Acts Prologue

    Luke's Gospel recounts the work of Immanuel, God with us! This required His leaving heaven to sojourn among men as a man. Incredible! Acts is Luke's sequel to his Gospel account, the continuing story of Jesus' work among men through the indwelling and empowering of the Holy Spirit. Jesus had promised His followers that thy would do greater things than He did. Through His power, they did. This lesson introduces their miraculous ministry in all the world.

  4. Acts 1:8-11, Commission & Ascension

    A study of the book of Acts reveals the miraculously majestic advance of the Church from Jerusalem, through Judea & Samaria, into the rest the world. After Pentecost, the rapid growth expansion of the Body of Messiah was nothing less than astounding. What was the content of their message and why did it resonate so dynamically in the hearts and minds of those who watched Jesus' disciples and listened to their testimony?

  5. Acts 1:12-15, Of One Mind

    Their Rabbi had ascended to heaven with a command. "Stay in Jerusalem and wait for the Father's promise." They obeyed and prayed. Over the ten days of anticipation, Luke describes the group of Messiah's followers as being of "one mind". This lesson introduces their expectant prayer life, and the emergence of the undisputed leader of the new Messianic Community.

  6. Acts 1:21-22, An Apostle's Credentials

    Acts is a transitional book. bridging life and ministry of Jesus into the Mystery Kingdom age. Before ascending to heaven, Jesus commissioned the Apostles for the work of laying the foundation of the Church. Who were the Apostles, what was their calling, and what were their credentials? Join Arlie Francis in the Carpenters Class for a lesson that answers these questions and more.