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Digital Bard Video Marketing. creates high quality animations and motion graphics, adding an extra level of production value to your video projects.

Animated videos are frequently used by software companies, biotech firms, marketing agencies and online service providers to simplify a complicated process and get prospects focused on the key benefits of your product or service.

Animated Overview for Patriot Technologies presents an animated overview for Patriot Technologies.

In many modern businesses, the use of mobile media devices like laptops, smart phones, and tablets can lead to growth, productivity, and efficiency. Employees can access data and apps on the go... and that's a good thing... right?

But what happens if the right people take that information to the wrong environment? Or even worse... if the wrong people access your data through holes in the mobile device's security? That silly, harmless game that your son downloaded... could suddenly provide direct access to your contacts list, and allow it to be sent off to unknown persons with questionable motives.

When your team uses mobile devices, particularly in a B.Y.O.D. environment, a similar risk is taken, a risk of security breach. Your data is threatened and every breach comes with a cost - a cost of money... of reputation... of trust. Breaches caused by malicious malware continue to rise, and any such breach could cost an organization millions of dollars.

Reinforce your robust security infrastructure, with Patriot Technologies' integrated Mobile Device Security Management solutions. Patriot Technologies makes the most of the mobility investments your company has already made, allows for the secure introduction and use of employee-owned devices, and supports enterprise-wide mobility initiatives that can increase productivity and security.

Patriot integrates a broad set of industry leading mobile security tools capable of supporting :
- contextual security,
- network access control,
- identity and access management,
- application security,
- continuous monitoring
- and mobile device management.

With Patriot Technologies, a complex and insecure world of mobile computing is simplified and safeguarded. How broadly and deeply are you protecting your data? Contact Patriot Technologies today to evaluate your security posture.

Digital Bard helps businesses and organizations increase sales, raise funds, train teams, demo products, build relationships and change minds, all through creative video and online marketing strategies.
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